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December 31st

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Blocking a Gansey

So, my gansey is almost finished and I'm thinking about how to block it. Since the sleeves were knit from the shoulders out, it is basically a drop shoulder sweater.

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Tina shawl is finally finished.

I finally finished knitting the Tina shawl on Christmas Eve. So today, on New Year's Eve, I blocked it out on the living room carpet. It took about 4 months or so to knit.

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Sonic the naked wonder

I changed my user pic to this one because I am yet again trying to knit a sweater for our naked macaw Sonic.

December 30th

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1974 - My First Knit in Public

I thought you all might get a kick out of this photograph.

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knitting cruises

I just noticed that one of the advertisements on this blog is for "knitting cruises." Has anyone been on one of these?

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adonis cables

does anyone remember a post a few months back with an AMAZING dark gray sweater that had diagonal cables on the torso?

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Boy Meets Purl

Dear All,

December 29th

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Has anyone knitted anything like this

More stuff from my fascinating Christmas gift. The booklet is titled "Knitting Knowledge" and it was published in 1943. These are called open mesh stitches and I find them very interesting.

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Old friends

I got a contract to repair a dog-chewed Christmas stocking today. The woman brought it to me, and I had to laugh.

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Nothing on needles

This is an odd predicament. I finished all of my holiday knitting, and I have not yet begun the knit along project scheduled to begin next week, so I have absolutely no projects on needles.