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January 4th

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Welcome Newcomers!

About time for another one of the generic "Hi Everybody!" posts. MWK keeps getting larger and's hard to keep track of newcomers, and who's been here how long, etc.

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Looking for a project...


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And now for something completely different!

This got written for the KR retreat in November -- and I blame it all on A*n*y*i*; who denies responsibility....but it's her fault anyway...

Ghost Knitters in the Sky

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Glad it's over.

Finally finished the "Mermaid Scarf," which is just a scarf knit in Mistake Rib pattern with knitted fringe.

January 3rd

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first time blogger on this site.

Ok, here it is, my first scarf and my first blog posting on here. I just started to pick up knitting about three weeks ago and practiced on some yarn I had laying around.

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Vintage Socks

I knit these from Regia Strato Color on size 2 DP bamboo needles. They are from a 1936 Minerva pattern and turned out to be more like knee socks.

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2nd Scarf - in under a year!

I'm pretty proud of myself at the moment - I finished a little 42" scarf for my 3 year old daughter. Yes, it was garter stitch.

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Norwegian Banded Hat - Inside out.

At Yugi Dean's request, I'm posting a picture of the hat inside out.

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d*mn; this is hard!

boy - I'm sweating bullets trying to whip the Spanish Armada pattern into shape.

January 2nd

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First FO for 2008!

So I just finished the first project for 2008.