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January 14th

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Any good books out there?

I have some leftover Christmas money (along with accumulated "mad money") and was thinking about investing in some good knitting books. The Knitting With Balls book sounds like it would be good.

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Fair Isle - For My Pa

I'm going down to Florida to visit my parents this weekend. This is the hat I'm taking to give to my Dad. I didn't follow any pattern so I'm not sure I could make anything exactly like this again.

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Finally...and a request for help

I finally got my invite to's a pretty cool site. How many of you are on there?

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Does anyone have any experience with bamboo fiber. I found some yesterday, which had a really nice texture...I was wondering how it handled/wears.


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Where will it end?

Learning in the morning, teaching in the afternoon!

January 13th

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Loose an' Fuzzy

Well that seems to be the consensus (sp?). Sorry 'bout the coffee spew.

Finished - Vine Lace Scarf

Alas, I am done. Inspired by those how do lace work, I am dipping my toes further in. Enjoyable scarf to make with fingering wt yarn from Sarah's Yarns.

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Learning to Purl

Today, my wife introduced me to the purl stitch......AAAAAAARGH!

January 12th

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Welcome to the new guys on the block!

Good Grief, I am gone from this site for a week and look at all the new guys on the block. I just can't keep up with you guys. I love coming to this site and reading all the new posts.

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It don't come easy

I finally recieved my Merino Style yarn from Knitpicks. I bought this yarn because I wanted to knit my next sweater with a finer yarn on smaller needles.