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January 15th

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Knitting with Peace

Peace Fleece that is.

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i mistake rib (row1: knit row2: k1p1) in hopes that the scarf would roll....but it does

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Felt Booties

And after felting

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Felt Booties

My first felt project

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Thought I would post pic of scarf I made for christmas. Has a turtle on it (a little hard to make out).

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Kyle meets Kaffe Fassett

I went to Wildfiber in Santa Monica, CA last Thursday and met Kaffe Fassett (he was touring signing his latest book) - if you have the chance, go see him - spend a few minutes with him; he is inspirin

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Blue Leaf Scarf

Thought I would share one of my scarf projects.

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Shetland yarn

I was just looking at Jamieson traditional Shetland yarn online in the weight used in Fair Isle knitting (they call this yarn Spindrift), and I nearly gagged at the price.

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Scarf question

For the 1st time in my knitting history, the BF found a yarn colour he likes, yeah!

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Cobblestone Started

I started the Cobblestone last Thursday (1-10) and discovered after I got about 1 1/2 inches done that I twisted the stitches. Friday night I unraveled and started over.