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January 16th

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Double point crochet circular needles

Double point crochet circular needles..... can u knit with them also.... if is will it be the same as u are knitting with regular circular knitting needles beside these have hook on them.......

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"Logo" contest

The hostess/list goddess of my MMarioKKnits group is running a contest for a piece of artwork that can be used as a logo for an upcoming design of mine...'Artemis' a circular shawl with a moon goddess

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Recycle Yarn

I would like to know... could i go the a thrift store and get several sweater and recycle the yarn....

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A Crocheted Afghan for my friend Mike

I ask my good friend Mike what he wanted for Christmas....He told me not a damn thing..... So being the bitch I am..... I made him a crocheted afghan.....

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I'm purling....I'm purling!

This purling stuff has been frustrating. I kept feeling like I was all thumbs. Then last night (about 4 a.m.) I slowed way down and took it step-by-step.

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new guy

Just saying hey and happy to be hear. I've knitted since college (about 25 years) but never got past knitting and purling basics until recently when I quit smoking.

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Kyan's Sweater

I've finally made my first sweater. Well, dog sweater. I thought it would be good practice before making my own. I'm glad I did.

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1776 Socks

A birthday present for my cousin to keep her feet warm while she waits out the presidential primaries/soap opera to play itself out.

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Update on the bear wandering loose in Atlanta...

So the bear is almost done!

January 15th

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I just got my Knitpicks Harmony Wood Interchangeable Needle Set and I'm such a dork for them I already blogged about them, here I'm already very pleased with them.