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September 12th

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Almost Done...

I started a new pair of mittens. I'm knitting them flat, and this is working a lot better already.

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Vintage Pattern Question...

Hi Guys!

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First Attempt At Baby Booties

A husband and wife trucking team I know is expecting a baby girl in December and I am attempting to make a pair of baby booties for them.

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Another Dying Question - Walnuts

We have a white walnut tree (or butternut tree) in the yard and all of the nuts are falling to the ground. I would love to use the hulls to dye a little bit of yarn to make a scarf.

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Still Thrilling

You guys might think I am mad, but there is a thrill for me in turning a sock heel.

Yarn Dyeing

I was searching on Amazon for a book on natural dyeing. Does anyone dye yarn and do you have a favorite book? This is not something I plan on doing right now but thought I would read up.

September 11th

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first recording session!!! YIKES

Right guys I am off to my first recording session, I will be back in about 3 hours as I'm recording only one concerto so far! if possible I will try to add the recording to a message later!

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That's a real word, so don't start. ;-) I'm in awe of virtually everyone on this site. You are all so damned prolific with your knitting. I knit sooooo slowly.

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help needed....urgently, so that means NOW!

I've been set a challenge by a friend yesterday evening, she poored out the contents of her bag, which contained some ghastly wool and angora in awfull colours, and now she expects me to knit somethin

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End to end striped scarf?

Hey guys-
A very dear friend just sent me some beautiful yarns in a couple of different shades of orange (my favorite color).