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September 17th

Non-knitting request of anyone in W. Hollywood, CA

Just received news that very close friend will have a shot gun wedding (due to possibility of outlawing same sex marriage in November elections) tomorrow. They're leaving on a honeymoon on Friday.

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Fall Hats Within Reach

Knitting has changed my life in a lot of ways.

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Right...I know nothing about computers or the internet, and was now told that multiply still was not a good way to share my music with anyone, so I've created a myspace, I have after several hours man

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mmmmm cheeese

so...i love cheese.....and wine....ALOT

September 16th

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Knitivity - Houston Area Indie Dyer

I have purchased yarns in the past from Knitivity (

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EZ as it goes

So after you have one of these odd looking pieces made, the directions tell you to start back at your provisional cast-on, and make another!

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Modified New Zealand Wool??

A friend sent me the following link...

Ahh, progress...

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Survivng Ike

Hi all - greetings from Houston. I was very lucky with the Hurricane - it went right though the city but I didn't get any flooding or damage - parts of the city were really hit hard.

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For those in London/SE England

I got back into knitting because I spotted a Men's Knitting Group at the LYS. Sadly they stopped it... not sure exactly why... before I got a chance to attend.

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FO: Habitat Hat

Finished it!