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September 8th

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Block of the Month

And to cont.....

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New to MWK

Hey Guys. Royston here from Redlands, CA (Redlands Dude) New to Men Who Knit. Always looking for input on my designs. Let me know what you think. Have a great one.

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Projects I've been working on

Hey guys!!

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Fair Isle on stage

I live in the Niagara Region of Ontario, quite close to where the "Shaw Festival", a large theatre festival is located.

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Its way too big...

WWW...AAAA....YYY too big but I don't usually complain about that!

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The 'never gonna work' scarf... update


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Chunky Patterns....

Dear All,

I bought some great wool in Scotland which is chunky and goes from thick to thin and bach again so you get quite a nice texture when you knit it (there's prebably a name for it...)

September 7th

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Laceweight wool

A LYS is having a 30% off all yarns and I couldn't go past these beauties. Colours are bright red, light green, dark olive, dark grey and a greyish brown.

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Linen laceweight

Just received the most delicious laceweight linen yarn from Linnet in Japan.

Meadowsweet is the palest yellowish green, and Delave is a silvery bluish green.

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I taught myself a new trick!

I can do magic 8 cast on...Toe up socks here i come!!!!!

so many patterns out there for toe ups and now I can finally make them...

*throws glitter and dances around naked*