Archive - Sep 7, 2008

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I taught myself a new trick!

I can do magic 8 cast on...Toe up socks here i come!!!!!

so many patterns out there for toe ups and now I can finally make them...

*throws glitter and dances around naked*

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large cable shawl

just finished shawl for husband's (still weird to say. i'll get used to it, i guess) grandmother for her 93rd bday. it's socal, but she still gets cold.

Thank you! Found it!

OK, thanks to everyone who looked; I finally found it (picture from their website).

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MWK Scarf from Eric (Vsidart)

I received my scarf from Eric on Friday and couldn't be more happy with it. It is absolutely gorgeous and a perfect match to my jacket.

He finally posts!

I have to confess I have been a member of this site for some time and have never posted. I have commented a few times but have been a lurker (covers face in shame!)

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started a purty scarf

Watched two DVD's last night...both documentaries...Yes, always trying to improve himself, that's our boy.

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A happy ending

Well I finished my Angora shawl. The very first thing I made entirely with my own handspun Angora fibre, the real reason I learned how to knit.

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sock novice

I am no novice at knitting ive been doing so for little over 17 years now, but, shock horror!, I haven't a clue as to how to knit socks, any handy tips, or perhaps links to a website that explains it

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finally finished

I finally finished what I started two years ago, and I had promised to my mom I'd have finished for her in less then a the end it took a little over two years, and I am proud of what i did