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August 7th

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Show us Your Bedroom Stash

We want to see your bedroom stash, we know you have one. Will you show it with a video or a picture?

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Question for you guys....

Up until a few months ago I was posting patterns I wrote here - though I've pretty much stopped doing so, since I now have my yahoo group to post them.

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Allegan (Michigan) Fiber Festival Just Around the Corner

Anyone going?

I'd love to meet some of you.....

Grace and Peace,

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Snack between knits

Well I am having to spin more and more Angora for the shawl, its going to be quite a big project so hopefully I will be finished in time for the show in the first week of September.

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fun with grandpa

Hey, I thought I'd share with you some video I took available to view at Just type in a search for "grape782"-that's me. Mostly of my grandson(God, am I THAT old!).

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Wish me luck!

Aug 5 I committed to having a pair of socks done and ready for display at the county fair by Aug 21.

My first garment

I completed my first non hat scarf garment a couple of weeks ago, and wanted to share it with you.

August 5th

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First post; first sweater

So far, I've read but not posted on MWK -- appreciating and learning so much.

two questions for hippies

can anyone recommend a source for green (i.e. made in the US, minimally processed, organically grown, still smells like the hippy that spun it by hand) hemp yarn???

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What is joining in the round?

Dear MWK aka the fount of all (knitting) knowledge...