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August 13th

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I just wish it was a little longer...

Ok, so I finished and bound off my alpaca scarf... went on to other projects... Now I'm looking at it, and wishing it were about another foot longer.

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Into the deep end !

Crikey , I dont do things by half. Finished the undulating scarf, was fun and taught me a lot.

WIP--Liesel scarf

A few months ago, when I was first picking up needles, discovering this site, and posting with complaints that I couldn't even cast on, much less knit anything, a few guys here had done this scarf.

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In Marianne Kinzel's First Book of Modern Lace Knitting, I've seen a couple of patterns that interest me but I would knit them in laceweight wool, not cotton.

August 12th

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Any EASY free hat patterns??

I have a friend that wants a simple (good for me) stocking cap pattern that rolls to form a brim. I've said before that I will not knit anything that has to I'm already in trouble.

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Ok I'll ask....

Whats up with all the shawls?!?

August 11th

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Daughter's Afghan

I just finished an Afghan for my daughter. I used the "Designer Shawl" pattern created by Karin Skacel Haack. I had to add on to the length and the width in order to make it 48"x70".

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bad idea?

so I've only been at this for a week or so, but I seem to be doing pretty okay.

My Second Shawl is Finished

I do not think I can get the picture on the site so here is a link to it:

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Feeling lost...