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August 28th

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I Knit Day 2008 - Saturday, 6th September 2008

Are there any other closet knitters (or even out-and-proud ones) over in the UK who are going to "I Knit Day 2008"?

TrondE's picture is another one

HereI am in another waistcoat I made out of my graphic print, that I told about earlier. It was exhibited in an art gallery among other things I had knitted out of this pattern.

Lace knit wedding dress

My best friend got married on the beach in Hawaii and wanted me to make the wedding dress. She didn't want anything fancy and sort of a 'baby-doll' type thing. It was a very informal thing.

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Joining Yarn

I have a yarn that is 45% silk and 55% Merino. Can I "felt " this to join?

USA Trip

Hey guys.

August 27th

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triangles - tip up versus top down

The basic triangle is worked from the tip up to the neckline. Increasing two stitches every other row. See the top half of the diagram.

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Happy Dance!

Just got home from the LYS. Happened to find she now carries Austermann Step, made with Aloe. According to the label, it's "vacation for your feet." Do I need more sock yarn?

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MWK- scarf exchange- can anyone tell

Since I am new here, I notis there is something called MWK- scarf exchange. Can anyone tell me what this is about? Is it possible to join?
All the best from TrondE

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Rhinebeck ; to go or not to go

I've been tempted for years - but have always had schedule conflicts. This year however.......

so talk me into it. What can I expect besides spending more money then I should?

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I'm such a bad tranny...Year of Lace

Ok...have you heard of Year Of Lace...

I have sooo signed up....