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joining yarn

hey guys,
what are your preferences for joining yarn if you're working with 1-ply?

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Men's Fall Knitting Retreat 2008 (West Coast) - 11/7-9

EDITED 8/8/08:
For More Updated information, Read This Linked Post.


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I love the stuff. Want to make it on my own.

Anyone know where to get my very own Kombucha Colony?

Online is fine, but IL is my region!

Any tips on making would be appreciated as well!

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Aging Knitting Baby Boomer

This might be a bit off mark but I am depending on y'all in intelligent urban areas for advice. I live in Florida so you would think I would be comfortable with being 62 right ?

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Quick Patara Update

If you are following my adventures, I leave tomorrow evening via bus to Istanbul.