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July 2nd

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First time with circulars

Got a set of "knitpicks" circular needles and tried EZ's Pie Shawl. Can't believe how quick it is to knit with circulars, although can't say much for the yarn colour.

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knitting needles + yarn = gauge questions

1. red heart soft yarn = 17sts x 23rows on sz8 needles
2. vanna's choice =16sts x 22 rows on sz9 needles

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Best Increase after Corrugated Ribbing?

Hi there,

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I need help to find knitting (?) design of cover on the table (like used on the beginning of XIX century in England or The US)

Last week I was in the business trip - to the branch of my Museum (outside Cracow where I usually work) in the Castle of Pieskowa Skala (in English means - "castle on rock of little dog").

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Well the back is anyway...

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Help identify this stitch pattern please

I have a friend that has posed a challenge - her grandmother passed away while knitting a baby sweater for a yet to be born great great grandchild - the lineage is all a little confusing to try to wri

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Fibonacci Scarves

FFarff got me thinking, and since the MWK scarf exchange has started - well, it just seem s appropriate to post these.

Fibonacci Scarves

Version A - two colour

July 1st

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Shout out to Stuart!

So the Great Scarf Exchange info went out today... In case it hasn't been said, thanks to Stuart for taking on what's gotta be a monsterous project!

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Anyone seen Stickywarp?

I got the toe up % based sock formula from stickywarp a year or two ago. I can't find him anywhere in the directory. Does anyone know where stickywarp went or if he changed his ID name?

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King Knit Knitting Machine question

I just saw a King Knit machine with a bakelite bed for 35 dollars in a thrift store. It appears to be complete with instructions but the needles are corroded and pitted. A good investment?