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July 7th

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My type of knitting...

Okay, this just in....apparently I am a CONTINENTAL knitter. The b/f decided to have me try another method rather than the apparent standard.

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Spider's Web Fichu

This was a quick knit from the Victorian Lace Today book. I used US size 7 needles, 100% cotton, 50 g, 5 sts/inch yarn - in turquoise - I TOLD YOU NO MORE BLACK AND I MEANT IT!

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Vacation Knitting

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Scarf Exchange

This scarf exchange totally rocks!

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UFO Cleansing

I have had it with never being able to find needles for a new project that I know I own. A few weeks ago I began sorting through and attempting to better organize my stash.

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Scarf Gift . . .

Here is a pic of a scarf I finished last month and sent to a very close friend for ther 90th birthday. It is knitted with two strands of handpainted silk and mohair.

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Not much knitting going on....

even though I have the best of intentions - it seems mostly I'm just not getting to the knitting these days.

July 6th

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Baby Garter Stitch Bath Wrap

Very simple Garter stitch Bath Wrap, I will have the pattern later as I came up with the idea of a one pice Baby Bath wrap. It has an I-cord edge and it has only two ends to weave.

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Sticker Shock & Being New

Okay, being new to knitting, as I have used acrylic yarns for crochet often, I was dragged to a 'yarn' store yesterday (7/5).

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I was just looking for a new hat and noticed that lion brand's website has a whole new look.