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July 11th

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Christmas in Summer

I like to give gifts to my summer staff at the end of the season - I see these people 16 days out of the year, most of them. So "Christmas" in the summer.

July 10th

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Moving to Charleston?

Anyone here from Charleston? My partner and I are considering relocating from Florida to Charleston and a wondering a couple of things.

The Jenny Chant Appeal Needs you!!

Cancer is a terrible disease

July 9th

Back again...

So, I'm back...not that I ever held a great pressence on this site or anything to begin with, but I joined about 2 years ago when I feel deeply in-love with knitting.

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Dr. G's Memory Vest Finished!

Here's another item I just finished...

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Chocolate stripe beanie

Desperately searching!

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thank you for all opinion about tablecloths in England and in the US in XVIII/XIX century

Thanks for all your suggestions about old, historical tradition and patterns (designs) of tablecloths [mainly MMario, JohnK, RickeScott, Kerry, knitmaniac (!!!), QueerJoe (the pattern is very, very di

July 8th

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ive ruined my shoulder

Last Thursday after a FULL day of knitting, i woke up in agony and some fear. I couldn't move my neck or my right shoulder without some amount of screaming.

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Deep into your stashes....

I'm not sure if this is appropriate, but I'm gonna ask anyhow...

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Finally, starting Faux Spanish Lace Shawl

I've finally decided NOT to use very fine black yarn on teeny needles for my first attempt at the Faux Spanish Lace Shawl (just not enough light -- MMario, I'm taking your advice seriously!) to create