Archive - Jul 15, 2008

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Simple Baby Jacket

This is known in some places as the 5 Hour Baby Jacket, but I tell you it takes longer than that. You can make it in a matter of days.

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My Rainy Day Hat (to match the scarf) ...

... was finished yesterday. Yippee! And this afternoon, while I was at work (too busy to knit at work today, by the way!), UPS delivered a Brother KH-260 knitting machine with ribber!

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Warm Up America Blanket

Thanks to all of you guys who've sent me 7x9" rectangles the first Warm Up America blanket is about ready to be assembled.

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Ok, I finally took a pic of the sweater....just have about 7 inches of sleeve left so if I actually work on it instead of constantly switching to other things, I should have it done tonight :)

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Top Down Knitting

I saw a book several months ago in Michael's about knitting and fitting top down garments. I , being short sighted and oh ya cheap, did not buy it.

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ok so here's my 1st post

Hey guys, ok so this crochet guy finally bought some needles and learned to knit.