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June 13th

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Perfect new accessory For local WWKIP Day

I went "man" shopping at Home Depot this morning to find a tool tote for those tools I can never find in a hurry. Well check this out.

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Puckered Stitches


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Ideas on how to stiffen up a bowl?

I've got a wild project in my head, but will need to find the best way to stiffen a knitted bowl. Starch first came to my mind, but afraid that it would be water soluable and wilt in high humidty.

June 12th

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And the brain cells keep on reeling...

not to mention writhing and fainting in coils.

*Someone* just had to pose the question if "doily B" from Nurhanne's YarnOver site could be extended to a shawl.

why, yes. Yes, it could.

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Spiral Hat

Ann Norling's pattern. Can't remember the yarn-- something pink out of my stash.

June 11th

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the ol' hammock on the shovel handle trick

Hello, men who knit. Sorry I haven't posted to my blog lately, it's not because I haven't been knitting, that's for sure.

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Arrrr, me pretty! I've got ye now!

A while ago, I'd started the Fan Kimono from Knit Kimonos by Vicki Square. I kept running into problems with it and couldn't pinpoint just where I was going wrong.

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Aran Weight Victorian Lace Shawl

As you can see, I dropped my latest project for a different one. I ran across the Aran Weight Victorian Lace Shawl by Michelle Ciccariello on elann's website and knew I had to make it.

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Jedward led me to a site called Yarnover where I found this pattern. I used #6 cotton made here in Mexico and 3.25mm needles. It was a fun and fast project.

June 10th

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Yet again, I need your help!!!!!

For the life of me, I cannot tink a stitch! I have tried and tried and end up having to frog the whole damn piece! Any good advice on learning how to unknit and unpurl stitch by stitch?