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June 25th

A few FOs.

Here are a few FO’s:

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finally - lace

Well here it is. It seemed to take forever but it was really just a little over a week but then I had all that time in the car on the way to Taos.

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The intermediate project

So at last writing I was starting a project that let me explore something a little more complicated than simple knitting and purling. I was choosing between a sweater and a sampler scarf.

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Final days for Scarf exchange sign up...

Hey guys,

June 24th

Knittings Woes

Tonight I decided to sit down and knit one of the patterns that J Edwards had knitted. I was all set.

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Principles of Knitting

Does anyone know where I can find a reasonably priced copy of "The Principles of Knitting" by JuNe Hiatt?

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Handspun Butterfly

Le Flambé du Pacifique [138:366, 24.06.2008]

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Adult Surprise Jacket

In the beginning there is yarn and I have lots of left over Wool and silk yarn and it may end up being a Harry Potter Style Cardigan lol!

June 23rd

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Christmas Knitting (what am I thinking???)

Here's the beginning of a scarf I'm knitting to give to my mom for Christmas.

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Projects in the works!!!

Had a wounderful day sitting outside most of the day Saturday, just knitting. I got caught up on the block of the month project i have been working on since January.