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June 5th

Pennies for college... an idea?

Ok, so I remember a while back that this kid asked a whole lot of people to send him a penny so that he could save up money to go to college.

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'Reversible' Lace Stole or Scarf Pattern wanted

OK guys. I have recently finished my first lace scarf. It turned out well, in a fairly simple pattern, about 6.5 inches wide and 60" long. I did it in a fingering weight 100% camel yarn.

June 4th

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Aran sweaters knitted in the round?

I'm planning my next project and wondered whether any of you guys have good experiences of knitting aran sweaters in the round?

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Stoles, stoles , stoles, stoles, stoles......

Finally (almost) finished with the white stole which technically was my-niece-the-priest's Christmas present - sending it to her this weekend.

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dragon is the symbol of my town (from very old legend)

Several years ago I knitted sweater (my project) for my frend with the dragon on the front (when is winter and it is cold).

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Introduction, of sorts

I joined the site a while back and have enjoyed having a look around from time to time – thought perhaps it was time I spoke up and posted an image or two.

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I suppose it's time for that first post. Hello, everyone!

I joined MWK some six weeks ago but, on advice from another member, have kept quiet except to comment on others' posts.

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Almost lace but not quite

I'm cautiously working my way toward a lace project. This is just a really simple drop garter stitch pattern it was fun and a really realxing project.

June 3rd

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It might be touch blasphemous to ask about weaving looms here but im quite interested in getting my dad to make one for me. just a simple frame work one.

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Outdoors Knitting!!!! Yes!!!!

I am SOOOO Glad that the warm weather is finally here. I have been outdoors Knitting for the past two weekends.