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June 27th

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the sweater

Thanks for the input guys...I know alot of lace and socks...actaulyl that is pretty much 95% of what I little needles arent bad...Im us to it.

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here go the afghan i'm making for one of my niece

here go the afghan i'm making for one of my niece....this is the pattern and the colors are lt.

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LAST day to sign up for the exchange!

Okay, guys... we've come down to the wire. If you want in, the time is now. And I promise, I'll stop with these annoying pleas after today (I feel like your local public radio station!).

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and knitting... and knitting... and knitting

If you remember Pee Wee Herman's Big Adventure, you might remember the scene where he's going over all the "evidence" in his basement. Here's a clip taken to the extreme!!

June 26th

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Just keep knitting, knitting, knitting

I'm my brilliantness I have decided to knit a pull over...Not just any pull over, but one knit out of Tofuties sock yarn on size fours....

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Two Topics: 1. pattern request 2. knitters'...shoulder?

1. the pattern i'm looking for is from Dale of's the damask pillow. I've looked high and low, and even checked a few yarn shops (one still having to get back to me).

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Cherry Leaf Shoulder Shawl

Well I finally finished this shawl. It was made with 8/2 Tencel in black - after this one I don't think I can work with black for a while! My eyes feel crossed - as does my temper.

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Here is a pic of my first pair of socks!

Can you guess which is sock #1 and which is sock #2? Sorry I have not posted them sooner. Work and school have been eating into my playtime.

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new hat and tattoo

OK, got the new tattoo and have finished a few hats. I've done a beanie in fishermen's rib. Worked out pretty well. I have also finished my first christmas stocking and felted it.

June 25th

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Processing Cotton

I guys i would like to know, do anyone know any sites out there on how to process cotton by hand without a cotton gin and also on flax.