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Blocking socks sans sock blocker

Pretty self-explanatory... how can I block socks without one of those fancy sock blockers? I'm experimenting with lace (simple, but turning out well).... ideas?

Queen Anne #2

Hey guys. Finally finished my second attempt at MMario's Queen Anne Lace Shawl and wanted to post a pic.

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Maybe this sketch will help

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Scarf Exchange--four more days

No hard sell. Just editing so this stays in the more "recent areas" of our little world. If you can knit a scarf in two months, join us!

***The Long Awaited MWK Scarf Exchange***

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I was working on another pair of cigar gloves this weekend. I thought of a trick to reduce the number of ends to sew in.

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Alpaca Shearing

Yesterday I had the opportunity to volunteer at a local alpaca farm for shearing. The day started at 7:30 a.m. with the arrival of the Iowa-based shearing team.

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"Purls" of Wisdom Please

I learned to knit continental style and my continental "purl" is relatively tight (watch it!). I have recently been experimenting with the "Norwegian " purl.