Archive - Jun 15, 2008

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FO Frosted Ferns Tablecloth

I finished this in April, but I finally got the camera, computer and knitting together today.
Using a fingering weight yarn, and larger needles turned this doily into a tablecloth.

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The Rose of England - Kinzel

Hi my fellow make knitters! I know that there are some awesome lace knitters out there. Please help.

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Matthew Shepard Scarf

I really like the design of the scarf but I am finding the instruction graph very difficult to follow. If anyone has made this scarf can you please enlighten me?

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what to do with the yarn i bought

On Saturday Melbourne had its version of the Zombie shuffle. Its the third time ive done the zombie shuffle.

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Fiber Trends Clogs

Dear All,

I'm just about to embark on the Fiber Trends Clog pattern as lots of you recommended a while back. For us knitters across the pond, there are a few U.S.isms I'm not sure about.