Archive - Jun 13, 2008

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Magic Loop

could i do a doily pattern with the magic loop steps..........

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World Knit in Public Day

I have learned that Saturday June 14th is Knit in Public day. Victoria is celebrating by having a knit in at City Hall from 1pm to 4pm. What are other people doing?

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Perfect new accessory For local WWKIP Day

I went "man" shopping at Home Depot this morning to find a tool tote for those tools I can never find in a hurry. Well check this out.

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Puckered Stitches


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Ideas on how to stiffen up a bowl?

I've got a wild project in my head, but will need to find the best way to stiffen a knitted bowl. Starch first came to my mind, but afraid that it would be water soluable and wilt in high humidty.