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May 27th

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Vest pattern suggestion?

Dear Friends,

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Okay.....So now what....

Thanks for the definition of a gusset. Here is the pattern that I want to use I'm so confused.

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Mitten...Thumb Gusset @#%#@ WTF?

Okay: I'm totally into mittens now. I have a pattern that calls for a "Thumb Gusset." What is this creature?



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End of May Already?

May 25th

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my dog hates me knitting

I have a border Collie that is CONSTANTLY desperate for affection and gets very annoyed if i knit for more than a few hours, because he's usually sitting/laying all over me when im stationary.

May 25th

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Lace Fan Pictures

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Spring has sprung

Hiking Boot Socks - Well, that's one way to look at it.

Just finished my interpretation of Michael del Vecchio's Hiking boot socks.

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Saturn's Rings Baby Surprise Jacket (WIP)

I am working on this Baby Surprise Jacket, and I can tell you that I am having the greatest time knitting this garment. It is fun and very creative.

May 24th

HELP! EZ Baby Surprise Jacket

I am just beginning the Baby Surprise Jacket and have a dumb question. I am at the 5th ridge and need to increase for sleeve.