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May 3rd

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Dare to Noro a Sock

I tend to knit very tight, I am constantly telling my wrists to relax the gauge, and eventually I get a relaxed gauge.

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last day for sock wars!

go sign up, hurry!

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A really clever web page for Fair Isle design

Wondering around the Internet to give my hand a rest from this morning's knitting, I came across a really simple but effective aid for planning Fair Isle designs

May 2nd

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My Precious!

Ha ha ha!

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Beat the clock round two:

Mother's Day: May 11
Today... May 2
Must be mailed May 9th overnight to get there on time.

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Simple - but a little different. . .

inspired by Terry Pratchett's Discworld - here is BS Johnson's "Shawl for Mumsie" aka the 'Boomerang Shawl'

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Hello everyone!

I took an extended break from blogging over a year ago, but have recently made a glad return. It's been really nice to reconnect with some old friends and I hope to make new ones as well!


I would like to know where you found the pattern for the skull beanie ? I have a neice who has leukemia and would really like it if I made it for her !

May 1st

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New Teaser...

Hehehe, my latest shawl is's the teaser:

Mystic Light [93:366, 01.05.2008]

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l.a. knitters get together

anybody interested in knitting together this weekend?