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May 5th

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Remember the Mother's Day Poll?

Well I was firmly situated in "Other". This is my other...(I know it isn't knitting...but I like to share.)

May 4th

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These pics on the right side????


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green torture

I went to a PROPER yarn shop a few months ago for the first time to buy 3 balls of Jo Sharp DK in Pistachio, thinking that it would be enough.

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Son of Stitch 'N Bitch

Has anyone else used any of the patterns from this book?

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70s jumper scarf

finished this a while ago but it think its my favourite scarf ive knitted - despite not loving orange!
i remember having a hand me down jumper that looks similar.

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Never enough...

I entered sockwars...

They send out the Dossier on May 9th.
Hopefully I will have just sent out my mother and father's sweaters.

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Man, what a wonderful day I had yesterday (though I should temper my exuberance a little as the Best Beloved is away teaching in New Haven for the weekend).

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All this talk about socks...

....has got me excited. I just ordered the Ann Norling basic adult sock pattern. I'll let my accomplished brethren know the end result.

May 3rd

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Spiral Counterpane Thow

I just unpinned the last of the large spirals, so now have the 35 I need plus the extra 9 of a different dye lot.

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Seed Stitch