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May 8th

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How long does blocking last? Does lace need to be reblocked occasionally?

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Kumo or bust!

I started a new cardigan this morning called Kumo.

It was in the Summer of '05 issue of is a little link for you guys!

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I might sound like an idiot - HELP!

...but... can someone translate this pattern for me?

May 7th

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i know this is off knitting but i want your opinion

i would like to know don't member Grandcarriage look like Tori Spelling husband Dean McDermott?

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OT: For Those So Inclined

My mother is going in for throat cancer surgery on Friday.

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Midwest Fiber & Folk Art Fair - Woodstock, IL

Friday - Saturday - Sunday
July 18, 19 & 20, 2008
McHenry County College, Woodstock, IL

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D'oh - Looks like I've got RSI

In my blog on Saturday I made a casual remark about developing RSI. By Tuesday afternoon I was sitting in the emergency room of a large London hospital

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spliting a skein

Sock yarn comes two ways. A skein will have either enough for one sock or enough for the pair. Since I like to do both socks simultaneously I usually go for the smaller single sock skein.

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Irish Diamond Shawl Progress Report #8

Soo so close and getting closer every day I work on it. I was asked "How happy are you?". In response I said it is like a real good book, can't wait to complete it but sad to when it ends.

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Son of Stitch N Bitch Part 2

The area of the Speed Racer pattern that I was having trouble with is in doing the second sleeve.