Archive - May 27, 2008

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Still Learning

So after my "Nautie" I decided that I would like to try to knit something to donate to charity and I found a nice pattern for a teddy bear...

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Baby Surprise Jacket in Cotton

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So, I have an invitation in my inbox to Ravelry. I've heard about it, and I guess a lot of people belong to it...really haven't been there to see what it's about.

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Vest pattern suggestion?

Dear Friends,

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Okay.....So now what....

Thanks for the definition of a gusset. Here is the pattern that I want to use I'm so confused.

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Mitten...Thumb Gusset @#%#@ WTF?

Okay: I'm totally into mittens now. I have a pattern that calls for a "Thumb Gusset." What is this creature?



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End of May Already?