Archive - May 16, 2008

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This is how I organized my colors

I took a lined basket from Michaels and cut dividers out of cardboard. I then cut a piece of wood to size and drilled holes corresponding with each partition and labeled each one.

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Here's my Henry far anyway

Moving right along! I only have 20 rows left until I start the neck steeks. Thought I'd share the project.

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Knitting in Cotton

I'm so glad you guys're here! I've recently been pretty frustrated with the differences between working with wool and working with cotton. I live in Mexico, so it's not possible to get wool in a local store...

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Let's try again...

Hey men, I'll be in Los Angeles next week, Monday thru Wednesday. Anyone out there interested in getting together somewhere to knit for a bit?

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christmas stockings

I want to do a toe up felted christmas stocking. I'm having trouble finding any good patterns. Anyone have such a pattern that they've done? Thanks.

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If Life Throws You Lemons......

Throw them back, only harder!