Archive - May 15, 2008

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Questions for my knitting brethren

I am interested in making Jade Starmore's Glenesk, but the pattern is only available as an entire kit from Virtual Yarns.

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Attempting My First Sweater

I received my order of Sapphire Heather Wool of the Andes from Knit Picks. I'm starting a sweater using it.

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new socks

So being that I did this ride last year I know how the weaterh gets...For Example 5 am kinda I wanted to cute leg warmers till the sun came I thought HEY...last year it was so much f

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A hat to match...

I had quite a bit of left-over yarn, so I made up this little hat to go with the blanket. There was no pattern so I just matched some of the patterns in the blanket itself.

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I'm officially over the edge. I only want to make socks. When you guys said it was addictive I thought you were kidding, ha!

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Next Project - another counterpane...

As I approach the end of a project, I start planning the next because I know that dead time between projects is not good for my mental health.

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Spiral Counterpane Update

About 30 minutes ago, I stitched together the last of the spirals. Now I'll weave in the loose ends and begin knitting and blocking the small triangles to fill in the gaps around the edge.

QAL decision

Well, after a good night sleep I decided that I would try and thread back and rip a few rows from my QAL shawl and go back and correct a few mistakes.