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April 16th

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My Mom's Prarie Shawl

Well here it is blocked and finished. The model is of course not my mother but my friend Al. I gave the shawl to my mom on Sunday and she loved it.

April 15th

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Grade 3 Goal Setting, Knitting for Charity and some samples of my students' knitting. 8 year olds!

Well here we are. My class and I are knitomaniacs. Maybe that is why I can't seem to finish my own project. I am always working with my pupils. Well here is a photo of our "Knitting Wall of Fame".

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l.a. knitters

anyone care to gather again this weekend for some knitting? i can host again in the valley, or...
let me hear from you guys

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Question about (maybe) Mosaic Knitting (if that's what it is)

I am writing this question with regard to a sweater pattern in the new 'Guy Knits' book.

April 14th

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Going crazy (the scenic route)

[mostly non-knitting content; be warned]

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Rolling Scarf

Hi All!

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Cable Scarf

I was stuck at home this weekend and finished my first cable scarf. The original pattern called for three cables but I expanded it to 5. I also added some ribbing to the top and bottom.

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New Podcast

I found a new knitting podcast last night. It's called Miss Flip Knits: For Procrastinating Knitters and the first episode came out April 4th.

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I've lost that loving feeling, whoa, that loving feeling.

I am knitting myself a sweater and I only have 1.2 sleeves to go and the neck and yet somehow I am stuck in a rut.

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Knitty Bags Finished

This past week, I completed the Kitchen Sink Bag designed by Faye Whyte that is posted on I had knit the itsybitsy bag the week before.