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April 23rd

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Any Nashville guys out there

Hi all,

I'm going to be in Nashville next week. Any cool knitters want to meet for dinner?? Are there any great Yarn Stores in Nashville that are a must??


April 23rd

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Kromski for sale

This appeared on another list, so it may already be gone, but won't hurt to ask.

Visiting Belgium

I will be visiting Brussels this summer and would love to hook up with any knitters who live there. Let me know if you are interestred.

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Traveler Update

Well I took all of your sage advise and traveling was a breeze. I brought plastic needles, no scizzors. I had it in my briefcase and no one even looked.

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Uh oh....

So about that Superwash wool...

Since I couldn't do a felted join, I went ahead and did a good, solid tie.

Or...I thought it was good and solid.

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Cock and Balls (can I say that on MWK?) Donut for Yarn Harlot

Specialty cock and balls donut (by Voodoo Donut) chocolate filled with bavarian cream.... made for and proudly displayed by Yarn Harlot...Portland, April 22, 08.

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Note to any YH talk virgins: BRING KNITTING TO DO.

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Internet communities

Sometimes I don't understand the whole internet "thing" - which is a little odd as I belong to several very strong "communities" on the web; one, over 12 years old - has a very strong 3-D presence as

April 22nd

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i need help

inside this pattern there is a stitch i have to do and it say make one using stand between 2 stitch

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Wool that won't felt?

Okay, this did not make sense to me. I'm knitting the Uncle Argyle Scarf from "Son of Stitch 'n' Bitch." Both my yarns are 100% Merino wool.