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April 25th

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Sock Wars...

Don't know if someone had posted this already - a friend from work just found out that I knit and sent me this little blurb.

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The battle for time

It's really spring here in St. Louis - finally. But now I have something competing with knitting for time - the garden.

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It's the little things...

boy - colour me "dumb".

a four stitch repeat. four stitches. and I graphed it wrong.

Then didn't catch it when I proofed the file.

dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb.

April 24th

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my latest is done

i messed around with a loose fitting cable lace pattern from an old filatura di crossa book. i made it cap sleeved and boat neck.

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Seamless Sweater Almost Done

So, the sweater is almost done; however, I'm still confused about a few things and I am hoping for some advice.

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Irish Diamond Shawl Progress Report #6

Here I am again with another update. Finished with ball #4 with 6 more left, but I'm thinking it will take about 8 1/2 balls to complete.

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Posting a comment

When I have read a person's blog, I have often wanted to post a comment. I write in the comment box and then hit post comment, but it never shows up.

Teaching a knitting classes

I've been asked to teach a knitting class and a crochet class at the activity center.

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Re-Little Rock Trip

I will be staying in the Peabody so call and leave a message for Gary Humphrey.

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In Little Rock April 25-27

Is there anybody out there in Little Rock? The weather will be awful and I hate to do hotel room service and knit (crochet) alone for 2 nights. Help~!