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April 4th

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One of the first "color" Sweaters ...

I had new software! Here are the results ! Done in Heilo yarn . This was done at 5 sts an inch. Had to scale it to keep the original graphic's intergrity .

April 4th

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Howdy y'all from Colorado.
I am new at this blog thing so be kind. I have been a closet knitter for some time. NO LONGER !

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In case anyone is interested, WEBS ( is having a big anniversary sale on lots of popular yarns (example: Cascade 220 $4.89US (!) per skein).

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Chorus weekend

PGMC is spending the weekend at a singers retreat at B'nai B'rith camp (Jewish summer camp) in Lincoln City, OR...Oh boy...lumpy mattresses, camp food, snoring of 15 men in a cabin (pack the earplugs)

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Thanks for the Inspiration

Hey Everyone,

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"Icare, ubi es? qua te regione requiram?"

How about a teaser? ;-p

"Icare, ubi es? Qua te regione requiram?" [69:366, 03.04.2008]

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The Knitting Man(ual)

I drew a name from my knitting bag!

It goes to Doug..."Parrot"....thanks guys. I'm sure he'll make good use of it.


April 3rd

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My other project

This is a shawl that I am working on for my wife. I'm using alpaca wool spun in Peru. It's a natural color with no dyes but they call it mist grey. 8oz = 665 yards.

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A Beginner: first finished object

Hi! I love this website!

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Sweater Question

Howdy all. I'm still working away on the EZ seamless sweater and I found a yoke pattern that I really like.