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April 7th

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Sock Pattern Testers Needed

Dear Friends,

I've been trying to put together a toe-up sock pattern and think I've got it working.

Here's the concept; I wanted:
1) An ULTRA-EASY pattern
2) A TOE-UP pattern

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Tree of Life Pattern

OK Boys,
I've had enough people ask, so here's what I've done...

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Men's Knitting Retreat

Hi, I'm so happy the waiting list is open. I just want to ask if there would be anyone from like the west coast flying to Albany?

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Gauge Matters

Well, I learned a lesson about making sure ya have the right gauge.

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Sewing Seams Question

I'm at the point on my cardiagan where I'm sewing the side seams together - the long seams from the wrist to the waist. How long should the pieces of yarn be that I use for sewing?

April 6th

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Okay I thought this was funny.

I ran across some of my older knitted projects--this one was the very first attempt I made at knitting.

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Tree of Life #3... Swinging from the branches!

First 77 rows done. A few minor screw ups along the way, but going well.

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Dogosaurus Rex ??

Here she is ! Ms. Maggie . My monster. She loves this lime green, purple, and yellow costume. She will not let me take it off of her...

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Finishing a project

I have been knitting for about two months, and most of those two months have been me learning how to hold the needles properly, how to do different stitches, and how to read the patterns.

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Joining a new skein the EZ way

My current bedtime reading is Elizabeth Zimmerman's "Knitting Without Tears". I came across her method for joining a new skein of yarn while knitting, without making a knot.