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April 13th

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Bamboo DPN's = Ahhhhhhhhhh

I got a set of bamboo dpn's from eBay...yes, they are off brand, and yes, they probably aren't all that great....but, they have allowed me to finish about 80% of the first sock for my daughter!!!

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Dragon Scales Scarf

This is my version of the Dragon Scales scarf from one of the pages of a page-a-day knitting calendar. The pattern is also available on

fuzzed's picture Requesting Men's Patterns

I was looking at the submission guidelines for and they are specifically asking for men's patterns.

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Chilly Sunday

Sunday morning, and the Best Beloved has left to teach a meditation program for the day. It's just me, Brindle the Plott Hound, Roger the Cat, and the fish.

April 12th

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Dreary Saturday.....

Hi guys...Just stopped by to see how many of you have posted and I realizied I haven't posted in a while.

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Irish Diamond Shawl Progress Report #4

Almost finished off the 2nd ball. I love this pattern, but the monotony can slow progress. On the plus side, with the extra stitch markers I'm using are keeping my frustration level to a minimum.

April 11th

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Diagonal Lace Scarf in Mohair. Check details on my ravelry.

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Mexico City

Thanks to all of your responses I have my needles all ready to knit on my flight to Mexico next week.

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P P P P Prrrroooogggggresssss

Last night I steeked some shoulder cap shaping onto the sleeves (I'm getting good at that...very handy with the sewing machine on handknits)... and sewed in one sleeve.

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Hap Some Madiera, M'Dear

This is a project I knit back in June of '06. I finally got around to writing it up; with the changes to prevent the pouching of the center that I had in the original version.