Archive - Apr 20, 2008

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how many guys would like to meet once a week on yahoo and form a knitting group conference

i would like to join
20% (9 votes)
i might join
44% (20 votes)
no i would not like to join
36% (16 votes)
Total votes: 45

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Tree of Life Afghan #4- On the border...

So, I'm down to about the last 30 rows of the afghan (pix coming soon!) and pondering the border. Never one to do things the easy way, I have this idea of a garter stitched border...

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One more shot

Another shot of the finished Papa sweater. (Thankfully, we are the same size... It fit's me like a dream...I need to make one for myself).

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Corn on a Cap Finished

This cap or hat is made with Kollage Cornucopia Corn Yarn. It is made in single crochet in the "Tapestry Crochet" Style. Tapestry Crochet is somewhat alike Color Stranding Knitting.

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Proof of the pudding is in the wearing...

It's done, and I wore it today...and will wear it again for the Yarn Harlot's talk at the Forestry Center here in Portland, on Tues night....

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Too late for this season

Just finished a v-neck pullover that will have to wait until the fall to be worn. I used Briggs and Little Regal wool and 4.5mm needles.

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Cat Bordhi

Since I am treating my learning-to-knit process as an intellectual exercise as well as a craft, I am doing lots of reading and listening.

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Irish Diamond Shawl Progress Report #5 1/2

This is a big milestone, I finally completed the first of 2 lace patterns. It was a great feeling to finish the first pattern, I am sooooo ready to work on the 2nd pattern....