Archive - Apr 2, 2008

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My third scarf ...

Here's my third knitting project ever ... It's a scarf I made for my mother in law. I would love some feedback.

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Irish Diamond Shawl Progress Report #2

Almost completed #5 of 14 lace 1 pattern. I've added the green stitch markers and I'll probably add more markers as the pattern grows.

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The Kniiting Man(ual)

Opps, i mistakenly ordered 2 from amazon. I'm offereing up to anyone free, just post you're interested and if there is more then one guy, i'll draw names and send it out.


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Wooden Knitting Needles for Sale

Just wanted to let the boys know that I am selling a bunch of NEW circular (lots of sizes)as well as 9" long straight wooden knitting needles - the circulars are all clover bamboo, and the straights a

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I am just too cheap!

Is expensive yarn really worth it? I don't know.... I just can't avoid the super saver huge skeins. I guess I just like cheap things.

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Beebee Binkee Progress

Three squares down and six to go. The other six will be these three twice again to make a nice 3X3 square blanket with a blue border.

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FO - Hemlock Ring Blanket

I finally finished!! Bill, WJBDineen, walked in from work this morning as I was starting to block and helped me with the blocking and photos (THANK YOU!!

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my yarn arrived yesterday....

When I saw this spiral counterpane blanket on the knityousucka blog