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March 20th

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taking a wee break

I've decided to take a wee break and do the "cableguy" sweater from "Son Of Stitch and Bitch".

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How to Determine the Amount of Yarn Needed

So, I have been watching the Elizabeth Zimmermann discs and following along in the book and I'm going to attempt the "Seamless Sweater" (Thunder and Lightening begin as Geoff barely speaks the words).

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Summer Knitting Course

I just registered for a week course at the "Haliburton School of the Arts". Its a school affiliated with a community college in one of the cottage/summer areas of Ontario.

March 19th

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Finally....My first completed project.

I was beginning to wonder if I was ever going to get something completed. The garter stitch scarf is still in progress. I use it at work when there is a likely chance I'll be interrupted.

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I miss BuduR

I miss BuduR...any one know where she is???

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100 Bowls of Compassion rejected me. LOL That hurts! Rejected by a charity... Icing on the cake of a day that's been harrowing at best!

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Gauge Swatch - What do you do with it after?

I finished my first sock (proof-of-concept) following a step-by-step pattern from the website. It was a 20 stitch deal on 3 size 8 DPN's, so no one could possibly wear it.

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I am soooo excited. I love this website.

Almost all the women in my family knit or crochet. My maternal grandfather was a furniture builder but during the great depression when he was out of work he used to do tatting.

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New Man Knitting

I just signed up and bought the Men Who Knit project & messenger bags. I'm excited so many men are outspoken and unabashed knitters.

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Met A Fellow Male Knitter

I am in a hotel in downtown Cheyenne, WY waiting for my truck to be repaired (again). I walked down to the lobby and into the coffee shop this morning and what do I see?