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March 4th

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circular sock knitting machine

I'm curious - does anyone else own or know about the antique sock knitting machines?

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OT: Garden Pictures For Grandcarriage

Here are a few pictures of one of our gardens as requested:

These are from spring pictures, it changes depending on the season.

March 3rd

Have I bitten off more than I can chew?

Greetings, Gentlemen.

I don't know if you can count me as a knitter as of yet, but I'm certainly giving it a shot...although, I'm not sure I've gotten myself into more than I can handle.

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I have never blocked anything and am not sure exactly how it is done. Do you stretch the project to the gauge or just press it flat ? Can anyone advise ? Thanks.

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Advice on Size 2 needles

Does anyone have advice on working with size 2 needles?

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My Sweater...done

I finished my sweater. There was a slight mishap but now it is a cardigan and life is good...I just need someone to sew in a zipper.

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Sitting on a wall

In the planning stages of that 3-D Humpty Dumpty scene. By the way. Where in the hell did anyone come up with the name "Humpty Dumpty"???????????

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100 Bowls of Compassion


March 2nd

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Mom's sweater, hopefully

This is the sweater I have returned to for my mom's gift. My plan is to do one row of blocks per day: there is 16 blocks across the front (8 per panel) of 6st x 8 rows).

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So, I've been catching up on reading members' blogs and I noticed that a fair amount do their own spinning.