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March 6th

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I knitted!

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Aran Pattern

I have read the book, "Knitting without tears,' and 'Knitting workshop,'" and now feel inspired to try my hand at making my own rather than working with a given pattern.

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Finishing stiches for circular knitting

I have trouble making the finishing stitches on a circular piece look good.

Does anyone have a recommendation or reference on how to do the finishing stitches?

Thank you

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my first chart

I think I understand this chart but someone tell me if I'm wrong. Row 1 - *k2, p1,k1 repeat from * to last stitch k1, Row 2 - k1, *p3, k1 repeat from * to end of row.

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Baby/Toddler hat

I have a baby shower to go to this weekend and nobody knows if the baby's a boy or a girl. I suppose in my mind I think it might be a boy.

March 5th

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New guy, and question

I've been following the threads at the forums here for a while and decided to join. I would like to extend a friendly hello to my fellow knitters.

Pattern Ideas?

I got this awesome new yarn,

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socks for Shaquille O'Neal (or my first pair of socks)

I think these would fit him. I'm obviously having a guage problem. It's time to start taking guage swatches seriously. I don't think they turned out that bad - just huge.

March 4th

Getting to know you...

All right, this nervous ghoster is going to attempt to finally be a part of this group. :-)

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What I did on my mini-vacation

okay - so I only finished the last two rows and bound off - but it was on my mini-vacation! I have witnesses!

3/5 - added some more photos.