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March 9th

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Pre-felted bowl : a question

This is my pre-felted bowl for potterdc's "100 Bowls of Compassion" event. It's done on size 11s with Cascade 220 Ginger and Cascade 220 Pear.

March 8th

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YKnit - New Knitting Podcast by Guys

I just finished listening to the first 2 episodes of this new knitting podcast by two guys in San Francisco. It's off to a good start in my opinion.

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Chemo Caps

These are some chemo caps that I made this week to donate to our local hospital. They are a lot of fun to knit and go fast.

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Ravelry and MWK! What a hot couple!

Spent this weekend taking pictures of my projects for Ravelry. What fun!

Piling them by the pound on one's hands is a sure reminder of the sacrifice we make to to the knitting gods.

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First Toe Up Socks

Snowed in. Blizzard raging outside. Finished up my first pair of Toe-Up socks this morning. Here they are. They went relatively quickly since they are DK weight, rather than fingering weight yarn.

March 7th

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Thanks for the Encouragement

Thanks for all the encouraging words with regard to the disappointing vest. You guys are all so great you do me a world of good.

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Vest FInished-- OK but Disappointed

Well, I finally finished the charcoal grey vest I was making. The picture quality is lousy, and the colour is wrong. In reality it is a much darker charcoal/almost black tweed.

March 6th

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Buying Yarn On eBay

Hi Guys!