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March 12th

Ideas for a first project

Thanks again to everyone for your help and support as I was first picking up needles and yarn.

March 11th

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What natural fibers (i.e., NOT acrylic) would be washable, would not lint/pill, and is hypo-allergenic?

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DPN's have finally been used...

I picked up a few sets of Clover bamboo DPN's with Michael's 50% off coupons. So, I decided tonight to sit down and try them out. After frogging twice, I got something going.

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The Bowl - Felted

So, here's the finished product!

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I finished the fronts on mom's cardigan...but I think the neck opening isn't as generous as I would like, so I'm either going to frog back 18 rows (about an hour of knitting) or just do the shaping on

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the Himalyan Tote - a never again project

Well here it is. I' m so happy it's done, recycled silk is horrible to work with. It's dirty, overly twisted, breaks in the middle of a stitch and is impossiple to keep even tension with.

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What if MWK did a scarf exchange? Would you be interested in participating??

86% (83 votes)
14% (14 votes)
Total votes: 97

March 10th

Pattern Help?

Hey guys, im currently working on the back of a sweater i started a few weeks ago. Ive finally gotten to the raglan shaping part of it, and the pattern instructions are confusing the hell out of me.

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FO Liesel Scarf

I finally finished my Liesel Scarf by Mary Joy Gumayagay, after some mishaps and odd setbacks.

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No replies, how disappointing!

Nobody wants to help me and my class knit a few slippers, use up their scraps for cancer patients? I think I would get more of a response.
Too bad.