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March 15th

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Here's the latest product from my needles. At Christmas, my niece looked at a green hat & scarf in a store and mentioned how much she would like a scarf.

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Shadow Calbe sweater

Hello folks!

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anyone eles have this problem

i have an argyle cardigan that i have to track down some yarn for, so what do i do? start a new project. i also have a finished sweater that needs a fix. solution...start a new project. yikes

March 14th


Sorry for being men knitting crashers. But I trying to find a dog hat pattern for my Shiztu-poodle named Sugar. Can anyone help me. Thanks in advance.

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anyone know how to add flickr photo gallery to profile. i tried cutting and pasting irl and mwk site said it wasn't valid address.

this is what i have

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Machine steeking.... on the Janome Sewist 521

Someone asked about steeking with sergers and sewing machines... Here's some things I've learned:

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New to MWK

Hello, Fellow Men Who Knit:

I'm new to this site, but not knew to knitting (I started knitting before I started first grade).

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Progress report.

So, where we last left off yesterday...I had divided the previously knit enormous back panel in two along a horrible rotten lime green row, shortened the two panels approx 25 stitches (5 inches) on my

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Wool & Recycled Silk


I read a posting last night from Scottly about his Himalayan Tote Bag and his having used the recycled silk yarn. Nightmares ensued!

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I Prefer Pi Scarf

a very basic palindromic (reversible cable) scarf.
I'm doing this in a merino/angora blend - 140 yards /50 gm on 4mm needles.