Archive - Mar 26, 2008

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How many knitting bags do you own?

I think I have 8 right now. I'm assuming that's a "normal" amount among the assembled company?

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Scumble Swap Signups (Freeform Knitting/Crochet)

For those of you interested in delving into the world of freeform knitting/crochet, I'm in the process of organizing a scumble swap!

check out the info on my blog:

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Fun Books

I'm new to the site so this may be old news. I found two fun books at for men.

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I love to listen to podcasts while I knit and was wondering if anyone else does and what they are listening to?

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Weaving anyone!!!!??????

Hi Guys!

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first entry

Whoo Hoo!
hello all. Pic to follow i promise, just need to choose one that shows my best side :)


I'm heading to DC area this coming week for about 8 days. We'll be doing alot of typical touristy sightseeing, but would be nice to take a break and hit some LYS - Suggestions?? Many thanks.