Archive - Mar 20, 2008

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Well, I gave Elizabeth Zimmerman's Baby Surprise Jacket a try (the first time I've done a Zimmerman pattern - will definitely check more of her patterns out!) Made it up with Knitpicks Swish s

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taking a wee break

I've decided to take a wee break and do the "cableguy" sweater from "Son Of Stitch and Bitch".

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How to Determine the Amount of Yarn Needed

So, I have been watching the Elizabeth Zimmermann discs and following along in the book and I'm going to attempt the "Seamless Sweater" (Thunder and Lightening begin as Geoff barely speaks the words).

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Summer Knitting Course

I just registered for a week course at the "Haliburton School of the Arts". Its a school affiliated with a community college in one of the cottage/summer areas of Ontario.