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February 16th

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5 Hour Baby Sweater FO

If you want to get the feel of what making a sweater would be like. This is the pattern for you. It is easily modify and if you go with bigger needles you can have a bigger size.

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Video Cast! Episode #7 "NEW Spring Men's Knitwear Review" CHECK IT OUT!

Hi Guys~
I just post my NEW Kntting Video Cast! In this Episode #7, I will talking about the NEW spring Men's Knitwear coming up and design also yarn review.

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Singapore knitters?????

I have a lonely knitting friend in Singapore. Are there any others there?

February 15th

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Hi all,

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Knitting for Him/Sweater Workshop books

My LYS project instigator (lookie over here, see what we got, and the yarn too...she even jokingly calls herself the fiber pimp) showed me a new book they are carrying, it's called Knitting for Him.

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Yarn Recommendation

So, I really like the way cashmere feels. Any good recommendations of a cashmere yarn that would be good for a scarf and won't break the budget.



February 14th

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Loop Shawl Progress!

I saw Leah's blog another day...

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Socks Never Ended~

Hey guys~

I really sorry about no posting for since last year. I missed youguys alot!

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I don't swear very often...

...but this triggered an eruption! I've broken a couple of bamboo needles before, but never metallic ones.

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Happy Valentine's Day

Just wanted to say Happy V Day to you all. I hope the day is filled with love and kisses for every one of you.

Love you guys! *hug*