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February 8th

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Hiking Socks... Great 1st time sock project if you've never tried socks before

I just finished the Hiking Socks out of the Knitting (Man)ual (I just made them in one color though). Talk about quick!

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Atlanta Bound

I'll be in Atlanta/Marietta area on Sunday March 2. Didn't someone mention a Sunday knitting group?

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recycled yarn

I was wondering about unraveling natural fiber sweaters that I find at Good Will, Salvation Army and the like. How would you go about the unravaling (where would you find a place to start)?

February 7th

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lace stitches

Hi, so I have started working on a pi shawl blanket using worsted weight yarn on size 10 circulars. My question here is what are some good lace stitches that can be done in the round and look nice.

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GLBT Disability

Hey all, just wanted to let you know about something. I have started a group on Ravelry called The GLBT Disabled Support Network.

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Sleep trial

So, the whole shebang got delayed a week because I had a cold. But I went in last night and hooked me up and everything.

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Learning by Mistakes

You know, I love this method of learning. I try to impress on my students that it's okay to make mistakes in math.

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First pair of socks in progress

Well here they are, one is ready for the heel and the other is getting there.

February 6th

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Increasing, Decreasing, and Frogging

This week I started to learn about increasing and decreasing using YO and K2Tog. The YO was pretty straightforward, but the K2Tog was swift to punish me for knitting too tightly.

Qiviut Question

Hello, Men!

Have any of you used Qiviut yarn? This is the soft undercoat of the Arctic Musk ox. I'm knittig it up now, and I'm not happy with it.