Archive - Feb 18, 2008

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A $300 Scarf?

I was just sitting here lusting over the new Patternworks Spring catalog when I noticed something called "Batooga Scarf Pattern" which calls for 9 colors of their new "Shokay" Tibetan yak down yarn.

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In a pinch - Use a drill bit gauge

I was working out in the garage today and came across my drill gauge. I thought to myself, "Now that looks exactly like my knitting needle gauge." So I got my needles out and tested the gauges.

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Baby's first pants

Thumper arrived early Saturday morning and is a little peanut. My in-hospital project was a pair of supersoft newborn pants in Knitpicks Crayon.

Help with edge

Hey guys,

Can folks give me any tips with a problem that I'm having at the end of a row?

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Cider House Rules Vest

I am searching for the Cider House Rules vest pattern from the Fall 2000 issue of Interweave Knits. The back issue is sold out, so I can't buy the magazine. Would anyone sell me theirs?

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Meet Punch and Judy

Here are my new pals. I just brought them home from the shelter today, and they are busily exploring their new home.

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My First Entry

Hi Guys!

Second Beanie Finished

The first beanie I gave away. I swore the second one I would keep but it probably will not be. The first one was too "long" so I thought I would shorten the rounds.

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Garter Stitch Shawl

I finished this just in time. A friend of mine surprised me last Wednesday with some birthday cupcakes and I figured it was time I finished off this garter stitch shawl I've been making for her.

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Registered Users at MWK

So I looked at past homepages of MWK site at The Internet Archive and came up with this little graph. Thought I'd share this with the rest of you. Pretty impressive.